Tiamat is an ascension guide, committed to the conscious evolution of her clients. She works with different healing modalities and teaching methods that are tailored to the individual client's needs. With a BA in political science, Tiamat has always been interested in the world from a global, cultural and socio-political viewpoint. This is now focused at an individual soul level, rooted in a deep knowing that when we heal our personal trauma and transcend the limiting beliefs of our conditioning, we heal on a planetary, collective level too.Tiamat is a trained Somatic Therapist with the Pantarei Approach school in Berlin. She has been initiated in the Sacred Rose Mystery school as a Rose Priestess, as well as completed initiations at Las Piramides Del Ka in Guatemala and quantum energy healing training from a teacher of the Dolphin Star Mystery School.Born Camilla Rose, Tiamat received her spiritual name in the summer of 2021. She is here to burn away the illusion of limitation and awaken herself, her clients and the collective to our highest possible potential. In service to Gaia.REVIEW"Tiamat is a crystal clear channel. When she opens herself up for a healing, she becomes a full on flow of pure Source energy. The way she perceives and receives you during her sessions can only be described as magnificently soothing and deeply understanding. Her gentle approach, effortlessly unfolding from her infinitely compassionate heart space, combined with her strong willed, efficient and straightforward mind, body and soul all combined within one woman, brings forth very deep and long lasting transformations."
Hira Hosen - Zen Nun


Tiamat is currently offering:
Bridging the souls of Nu Earth through ancestral healing, trauma release and quantum activation. Online.
A mix of talk therapy + quantum activation. In person and online
A channelled elemental journey to connect with information and healing that will elevate you to your highest timeline NOW.
SOMATIC THERAPY (Pantarei Approach) £120
A mix of talk therapy + bodywork
from her studio in East London

Phoenix Rising
avalon men's retreat 17th + 18th december with urtema dolphin + tiamat rose
£333 before 22.11

To book or enquire further, please email [email protected]